We're a family run business which offer a wide variety of drainage and water solutions to domestic and commercial properties.
From simple drain and water servicing to treatment plant & septic tank installation.

Why Sussex Water & Drainage?
Sussex Water & Drainage are the experts when it comes to sewage treatment systems and getting you through the 2020 regulation changes with ease by supplying all the information you need tailored to your specific situation.

We are a local business that has seen companies attempt to make a pretty penny out of countryside residents and decided to take it into our own hands to bring these costs down and offer a more personal and professional service to you.

Our aim is to use our years of experience to ensure the best quality of work is undertaken and that you clearly understand the best options available to you.
We also offer an above and beyond finishing service totally free of charge which includes levelling/grading/landscaping and re-seeding of the areas we work in!

A reliable, honest service you can trust
We are familiar with all regulations surrounding Sewage & Waste Water Tank installations, working closely with Building Control Officers & the Environment Agency to provide East Sussex home & business owners with fully legal sewage treatment systems that meet their individual requirements.

Our specialist team are experienced in dealing with any requirements no matter how big or small.

We pride ourselves in many services, including:

Sewage treatment plants
Installation of new drainage systems
• Maintenance & repair to drainage & water systems
Digger, excavation & groundwork
Landscaping & Pond Construction
Installation of mains water supply
Surveying of services
Irrigation systems
Septic tanks
• Trenching

Our Work

Here at Sussex Water & Drainage we take pride in all jobs, Big and Small!

Sewage Treatment Plants

For additional information around the regulation changes and to find out if you're compliant why not get in touch?

We offer experienced, peace of mind installation for any domestic or commercial treatment plants. Our engineers guide you through the process while sharing their wealth of experience to ensure all of your properties individual requirements are carefully considered.

Sewage treatment plants are the regulation approved method when dealing with off-mains sewage treatment. Many properties still use septic tanks or even soakaways to discharge partially treated waste water, which can be largely detrimental on the environment and may fail regulation requirements. For peace of mind it is always best to check the sewage system of your property, we will happily advise on septic tanks, holding tanks, soakaways and any other type of sewage system you may have.

We believe in doing the best for our environment which is why we work as efficiently as possible to restore Septic Tanks, Holding Tanks & Treatment Plants to the latest regulation standards as soon as possible.
*Typically 2 days for installation and 1 day FREE above and beyond finishing service.

We use only the most reliable sewage treatment plants to replace septic tanks. These come with a 25 year Manufacturer guarantee.
Just a few of the benefits of using these BioPure systems over other manufacterers are;
no mechanical parts, emptying less frequently because of the shape and better priced than a lot of their competitors.

To find out more about the WeBuildIt BioPure treatment plants, click HERE.

Sewage Treatment Plant

For more information about this service or others offered, speak to one of our experts today.


Drainage Installations
Correct drain installation ensures all waste from your property is removed effectively, safely and hygienically. For this reason, you should always employ a professional to conduct the work conclusively in accordance to current regulations and laws. If you are undertaking new drainage work or renewing old pipework, Sussex Water & Drainage can help. We are experienced in installing all drainage systems to the highest standards. Working with you and your requirements our highly skilled team is on hand to swiftly solve any drainage problems you may have.

At Sussex Water & Drainage, we work to install your new drains as quickly and efficiently as possible, giving extra care to minimising any disruption to your garden. Our experts install all types of domestic drains, including sewer connections and land drainage. We have a wealth of experience in drainage instillation and are happy to talk about any drainage projects you have. Once we have successfully installed your new drain, we pressure test the pipework to ensure every joint on every pipe is perfect and will last for longer.
We ensure every job is finished to the highest standard and that you are left happy with the service provided.

Drainage Repairs
If you have a broken, blocked or collapsed drains, Sussex Water & Drainage are specialists who can help. If you require a drain maintenance team you can trust Sussex Water & Drainage have the solution to quickly solve any problem. We are professional drainage engineers who are on hand to help both residential and commercial customers with collapsed or damaged drains.

We can you help with:
Drain RepairsDrain SurveyingCollapsed DrainsDrain SoakawaysDrain UnblockingDrain Pipes LeakingDrainage MaintenanceRepairing Blocked Downpipes

While some minor blockages can be solved with our drain unblocking service, persistent blockages and sewage backups may indicate a collapsed drain. With expertise, our highly trained team can investigate the damage and determine the exact location to fix the issue at its source.

Your drains may not be functioning correctly if you have:
Blockages and Sewage BackupSubsidence and Structural DamageDamp Patches and MouldRodent InfestationsSmelly Drains

Repairing Your Drain
As a leading drainage company in East Sussex, our drainage engineers are available to help customers across Sussex fix their broken, damaged and blocked drains. We will work to conclusively find the cause of your drainage issues, we can then offer the best solution for effective, long-lasting repairs. Our drainage maintenance team are also experienced in tackling drainage issues,
from obstructed drains to failing soakaways.

If you are searching for assurance that your drainage system is in fantastic working condition, we offer a multitude of drain pipe repairs and maintenance options and can even provide a drain descaling service. Drain descaling is a process that smoothens the internal surface of your drain pipe to reduce the likelihood of future blockages.

Drain Unblocking
Sussex Water & Drainage provide drain unblocking and drain cleaning services throughout Sussex and in the surrounding area. We have skilled drainage engineers for to solve any issues you may have quickly and effectively using our professional techniques. We have vast experience which covers all sorts of drainage, drain blockages, sewage pipework and sewage systems.

What use tried & tested methods to unblock drains:
Drain roddingDrain jettingDrain cleaningDrain surveying

Septic Tanks & Treatment Plants
As Treatment Plant experts, we are always up to date on the latest governmental and environmental regulation compliance. Totally free, we can come and visit you at your property and let you know exactly where you stand with complete confidence. Replacing now illegal Septic tanks for new, regulation compliant Treatment Plant sewage systems is what our dedicated team aims to provide you for as little cost as possible. Also offering sewage Holding tank replacement for those with damaged tanks or those looking to save money on emptying costs. We have unrivaled lead times and we’re usually in and out in around 2 days! On top of this, we offer an above and beyond finishing service totally free of charge which includes all the extras that other companies charge you for.
To find out more visit our Treatment Plant page.

Main sewer connections
Having a sewer connection is one of the most important plumbing connections for your home and our team at Sussex Water & Drainage can provide a main sewer connection for your property. Regardless of whether you have just purchased a new home or if you have an existing external sewage system that needs connecting to the main sewer,
our fully equipped drainage experts can do this for you.

Having a mains sewer connection guarantees that all the sewage and waste water from your property can be safely and effectively taken away. At Sussex Water & Drainage, our friendly experts have extensive knowledge and unrivaled experience in a variety of drainage maintenance, repair and installation options.

Percolation tests
On paper Percolation tests appear to be an easy thing to test yourself should you wish to have a soakaway for your sewage treatment plant. However, it’s extremely important that the test is carried out with pin-point accuracy to determine the porosity of your ground. Fortunately, at Sussex Water and Drainage we have all the equipment and knowledge to accurately ascertain exact
Vp measurements.

The percolation test involved excavating a 300mm square hole to a depth of 300mm below the proposed invert level of the discharge pipe. After carefully removing all loose debris we will fill the hole with water to the top of the 300mm mark and leave this to seep away overnight. We will then return and fill to the same point and closely observe the time it takes from 75% capacity to 25% capacity. Using a calculation of how much water has dispersed in the given time with the depth lost we can accurately read the average time in seconds (Vp) for the water to drop by 1mm.

This test will be trialed at least 3 times and will be tested across at least 2 holes.
If you think a percolation test is for you, get in touch and we’ll provide your answers!

Pump Chambers
Having drainage problems but have no location or fall to dispel rain or waste water? Sussex Water & Drainage can solve all these issues with the installation of a simple pump and pump chamber. Our water and drainage engineers are trained to the highest level and are more than competent when it comes to calculating water flow and appropriate pump sizes.
We perform tests and assess the issues you have before designing a drainage system that will work for you.

Pump chambers come in many shapes and sizes, we even install custom built pump chambers to customers specific requirements.

It is important when designing your drainage system to allow an adequate water catchment area along with a pumping station that will work as required. It is also essential for the pump to be capable of dealing with the required water quantity for any situation, which is why we believe in conducting thorough tests to ensure we provide the best drainage system for you.

After your drainage system has been expertly designed it’s time for us to begin the installation. This is where our skilled team gets to work, employing the highest quality practices to swiftly handle the problems and get your drainage flowing correctly.

Short on time? Sussex Water & Drainage guarantee quick lead times. Once work has been agreed, we always aim to start at your earliest convenience and efficiently get your job completed in timely fashion. We won’t make a mess. We are very competent and always take extra care to minimise any disturbance to your property. We include a professional finishing service including FREE reseeding of any disturbed areas.

We like to consider every aspect of the job. This includes things such as noise considerations of pump chamber in relation to your property. We ensure all systems are in keeping with your requirement while having good running costs and reduced noise. Sussex Water & Drainage has (part -p certified) electricians on-hand to sort out any connections or electrical certification your pump system may require.

Sussex Water & Drainage has extensive experience with all drainage and water systems alike. Our specialists can handle any job and are more than happy to discuss any projects you may have.

For more information about this service or others offered, speak to one of our experts today.


We have the kit to provide you with a fully comprehensive report of the various services across your property.

For more information about this service or others offered, speak to one of our experts today.


Water Pipe Installation & Renewal
Sussex Water & Drainage are experts when it comes to water supply pipes.

Water Supply
We install underground water pipes to houses and farms, over any distance. From designing new systems to renewing old iron pipes with MDPE. There is no need to excavate across your garden or driveway, as we can bore underneath with our Impact Moles. The cost of a new plastic water supply pipe will depend on several factors such as; the length of pipework and the diameter of service pipe required to meet your requirements. Installation times can vary due to ground conditions and pipe length, however, in most cases we aim to renew your water service pipe in one day, with the water supply being disconnected for just a few minutes. For longer distances of water pipe installation, we have chain trenchers readily available to lay pipes neatly over longer distances.

Underground water pipes
Leaks along your water service pipe may become apparent in the form of a wet patch in your garden, or poor internal pressure. Poor internal pressure may also be caused by changes to the internal diameter in old lead or galvanised pipes due to corrosion.
Up until the 1970s, lead & galvanised service pipes were laid to domestic properties. By replacing these lead/galvanised pipes, you eliminate any undesirable lead content in your water supply.

Water Pipe Renewal
We have a dedicated team with a wealth of experience in water supply and replace old lead pipes/galvanised pipes with new plastic piping. The new pipe will be a blue plastic pipe which is made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE).
From small domestic renewals to entire farm supplies, we have experience in using all types of pipework and fittings.

A Water Pipe Renewal Benefits Your Property

If your water supply pipe is insufficient in diameter causing reduced flow and low pressure to the property.

We use specialist installation techniques and equipment, such as pneumatic moling to minimize disruption where possible.

Prior to any excavations a full utility survey and pipe trace is completed to determine the exact location of
underground services and drainage.

Supply Pipe Repairs
In most cases, you are responsible for the maintenance of your water main past the stopcock of your water supplier. We repair leaks on all pipes and have the equipment on hand to deal with your leak quickly, with a professional fix.

All water supply pipe renewals comply with UK Water Regulations.

For more information about this service or others offered, speak to one of our experts today.

Pond Construction

We install a wide range of ponds with various materials, shapes and sizes. We can even build or expand lakes!
Offering you a variety of services including pond maintenance, pond installation, bank rebuilding and repair.

With all the machinery and experience to provide you with complete confidence our work will impress. Landscaping, waterfalls, garden ponds and lakes, there's no such thing as a project we can't handle.

We work with one of the UK's leading aquatic centers, World of Water!
We're recommended by the Hailsham branch to their own customers as your local experts!

Pond construction can be a highly precise task which requires dedicated planning. Luckily Sussex Water & Drainage are very experienced when it comes to designing and building ponds. From small garden water features to large lakes and everything in between, we have the tools and knowledge to construct the perfect pond for you.

We cover a vast range of ponds including:
• Plastic ponds
• Fibreglass ponds
• Plastic lined ponds
• Clay lined ponds
• Brick ponds
• Haddonstone and other stone ponds
• Custom pond builds built to your specific requirements (Please contact us)

If your project requires extensive planning, plumbing or electrics, do not worry! Sussex Water & Drainage offers a conclusive pond building service which covers everything from start to finish, in an affordable and professional package. This includes full design, planning and construction services. We plan your pond to the finest detail and supply the appropriate equipment you pond will require. This includes our recommended filtration equipment, enabling you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and thriving pond. We also have electricians on hand for any work requiring electrical certification or electrical connection.

We have a diverse, professional and experienced approach to all pond jobs, some of the pond and lake services we offer include:
• Pond Design
• Pond Repairs
• Pond Relining
• Pond Cleaning
• Pond Removal
• Fish Rehoming
• Water Features
• Fish Treatments
• Pond Desludging
• Pond Construction
• Water Treatments
• Pond Maintenance
• Large Ponds & Lakes
• Waterfall Construction
& Many More Specialist Services

We Come Recommended:
Sussex Water & Drainage is proud to work alongside trusted companies such as World of Water. As their recommended company for all pond work we enjoy making sure we leave each customer satisfied with the pond of their dreams.

Whether you’re planning a new pond or having problems with an existing pond, we are here to help. Sussex Water and Drainage offers free, no obligation quotes on all work. We are happy to come and visit you and discuss your requirements while offering our free professional advice.

If you would like to view more examples of our most recent pond related work, please view (our latest work).

For more information about this service or others offered, speak to one of our experts today.

Our Charity Support

We are proud to be supporting Chestnut Tree House!

Chestnut Tree House is the children’s hospice for East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton and Hove and South East Hampshire, caring for 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age, both at the hospice and in families’ own homes.

Here at Sussex Water & Drainage we like to make a difference to the world around us.
We do this by not only leaving all of our customers totally pleased with the work we have done, but also, by supporting charities that mean a lot to us.

To find out more about how you can support Chestnut Tree House, click HERE.

Ben Stiles Racing

We are proud sponsors of Ben Stiles Racing.

Ben Stiles Racing, local to Heathfield, is the name of the racing team one of our members of staff drives for. Ben has been racing since 2017 and has won 2 Championships in succession.

The team started as a father and son partnership. Ben's dad was one of the pioneers at the start of Formula Ford in the 60's and 70's and has won many races himself.

To find out more about this fantastic team, click HERE.

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Located near Heathfield, in the heart of East Sussex

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For free, no obligation quotes and advice, message us via Email or give us a call.
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For further information and advice:
Email: info@sussexwaterdrainage.com
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Mobile: 07857 462809

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Our latest work

A visit to Eastbourne to deep clean this pond to return it to it's former glory. The fish were carefully removed while we emptied the pond of silt, waste and weeds. We do all sorts of pond and lake work big or small, for more information visit our work page HERE

A visit near Heathfield to rebuild this pond bank and conduct some general pond maintenance. Duckweed treated and pond bank rebuilt. Some fish will be going in next week and this pond is starting to look great. We do all sorts of pond and lake work big or small, for more information visit our work page HERE

Exceptional couple of days installing a new drainage system at a lovely countryside property near Battle, East Sussex. This new system replaces the old cracked clay pipes for new plastic drainage, solving the drainage issue and preventing any risk of flooding on the customers' property. We were also able to unblock and clear the remaining drains, and installed a drainage pump chamber to take care of the properties rain water. Another drainage problem solved by the specialists at Sussex Water & Drainage.

Lovely afternoon for pond maintenance, mainly this gorgeous, leaking Haddonstone pond. We take great pride in our ponds and what a transformation. Sealed with G4 Pond Sealer for a long life waterproof black finish. Truly the centrepiece of this picturesque East Sussex property, near Eastbourne. We do all sorts of pond jobs, from full pond building to pond stocking and all other sorts of groundworks, our experts can help HERE

Hard weeks work in Burwash, East Sussex. Our specialists replaced another non-compliant septic tank with a new, efficient treatment plant. We replaced all the drainage pipework while installing the new treatment plant (Bio Pure 3) to 2 large properties. Luckily the typical Sussex rain held out allowing our experts to dig the new treatment plant in just one morning. The total job took our drainage engineers just 3 days, which included all the ground work and tidying up around the new treatment plant. We also decommissioned the old septic tank and took care of a few other jobs on site. Another treatment system and sewage problem solved. It is always a good idea to check your system is 2015 regulation compliant. This is why Sussex Water & Drainage offer free no-obligation quotes and advice regarding all septic tanks & holding tanks, we can also inform you about your sewage options and treatment plant installation / certification.

The areas we cover

At Sussex Water & Drainage we cover almost everywhere surrounding us. Below is a list of the towns and villages that we most commonly travel to for installing sewage treatment plant sytems to replace outdated holding tanks and septic tanks. If your area isn't mentioned, don't worry!
Give us a call or send us a message via our contact page!

Battle, Bexhill, Blackboys, Bodiam, Bodle Street Green, Boreham Street, Brede, Brightling, Broad Oak, Broad Street, Burlow, Burwash
Cackle Street, Cade Street, Catsfield, Chapel Cross, Chiddingly, Cowbeech, Cripps Corner, Cross in Hand, Crowhurst
East Hoathly, Eastbourne, Ethchingham
Fairlight, Five Ashes, Flimwell, Foxhunt Green, Frant
Golden Cross, Green Street, Guestling, Guestling Green, Gun Hill
Hadlow Down, Hailsham, Hastings, Hawkhurst, Heathfield, Hellingly, Henley's Down, Herstmonceux, Hooe, Hook Green, Horam, Horns Cross, Hurst Green
Lamberhurst, Lealands, Little London, Lunsford Cross
Magham Down, Mark Cross, Mayfield, Mountfield
Netherfield, Ninfield, Normans Bay, Northiam
Peasmarsh, Penhurst, Pett, Pevensey, Polegate, Ponts Green
Robertsbridge, Rotherfield, Rushlake Green, Rye
Salehurst, Sandhurst, Sedlescombe, St. Leonards, Staplecross, Stonegate
Three Cups Corner, Three Oaks, Ticehurst
Uckfield, Udimore
Vinehall Street, Vines Cross
Wadhurst, Waldron, Warbleton, Wartling, Westfield, Whatlington, Whitesmith, Winchelsea, Woods Corner

A septic tank is an underground chamber made from concrete, fiberglass or plastic, through which domestic wastewater (sewage) flows for basic treatment. Settling and anaerobic processes reduce solids and organics, but the treatment efficiency is only moderate (referred to as "primary treatment").

Septic tank systems are a type of simple onsite sewage facility. Septic tanks can be used in areas that are not connected to a mains sewerage system, such as rural areas. The treated liquid effluent is commonly disposed in a septic drain field or soakaways, which provides further treatment. Nonetheless, groundwater pollution may occur and can be a problem.

This is why in 2015 regulations were amended surrounding septic tanks and discharging sewage, leaving many septic tanks non-compliant. In this circumstance the problem can be easily overcome by the installation of a domestic sewage treatment plant, which replaces the outdated septic tank and is fully regulation compliant.

We are specialists when it comes to treatment plant installation and can advise on all sewage treatment systems from Septic tanks to soakaways. Please click to find out more about our work.

Sewage treatment plants eliminate contaminants from wastewater and sewage. Domestic sewage treatment systems are used when it is not possible (or legal) to install a regulation compliant septic tank.

The treatment process of the wastewater occurs as the domestic wastewater and sewage passes through the drainage pipework from the property into the sewage treatment plant. Here, the sewage treatment plant begins to break down the organic matter through its activated sludge process – which converts the sewage effluent to clean water which can be discharged to a watercourse.

We are specialists when it comes to treatment plant installation and can advise on all sewage treatment systems from Septic tanks to soakaways. Please click to find out more about our work.

Sewage treatment (or domestic wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater treatment) is a type of wastewater treatment which aims to remove contaminants from sewage. Sewage contains wastewater from households and businesses and possibly pre-treated industrial wastewater.

Physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater (or treated effluent) that is safe enough for release into the environment. A by-product of sewage treatment is a semi-solid waste or slurry, called sewage sludge. The sludge has to undergo further treatment before being suitable for disposal or application to land.

The term "sewage treatment plant" is often used interchangeably with the term "wastewater treatment plant". To learn more about sewage treatment plants, click HERE